Why You Need to Join a Small Group + Tips on How to Start Your Own

Faith, Social & Friendships / Monday, June 25th, 2018
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Hey, Alana!

What’s the best way to start a small group for Bible studies?

Hey, there!

Small groups can be life-changing.

I became a Christian when I joined the first Bible study that I ever went to. I met all of my best friends in the group that I’m in now.

Basically, I’m a huge advocate for small groups.

Below are some reasons why I believe small groups are so essential. I’ve also shared three quick steps you can follow to start your own.

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Why You Need to Join a Small Group

You Have a Constant Support Network

I connected with my small group just over a year ago. When I went to our first meeting, I didn’t know anyone except for the person who invited me (and we barely knew each other at that point).

One year later, the girls in that group are my best friends.

Having people that you can rely on to give you meaningful advice and support is priceless. My small group has a group chat where we send each other words of encouragement and advice. I love it because whenever I’m struggling (which is often), I have a group of ladies that I can count on to pick me up.

A small group provides you with an intimate collection of friends who can support you and give you the encouragement you need to faithfully pursue your walk with God.

You Have a Sense of Belonging and Community

If you’re new to your relationship with Jesus, it can be challenging to find people who you can hang out with. Also, if you go to a large church like I do, it’s easy to feel isolated. Small groups counteract that feeling by providing you with regular, intimate interactions with other Christians.

In my small group, we have regular Bible studies once a week, but we also do other activities. Sometimes we’ll have a bonfire, go shopping, or have a movie night (all of which manage to include lots of junk food).

Having a solid friend group makes you feel connected and empowered. It’s easy to isolate ourselves and get caught up in Netflix binges. But, it’s so important to regularly connect with friends who support us.

You Have a Safe Space to Talk Openly & Ask Questions

I always encourage opportunities to study the Bible on your own. However, sometimes the chapters you read don’t make sense and you have some questions. In a small group, you have the opportunity to discuss those questions with people you trust.

In my faith, I struggle with doubt a lot. When my small group has Bible study, I’ll bring up any questions or points of confusion I have about God or the Bible. Each time, my friends encourage me and share their thoughts. I love this process because having a different perspective helps me get through those doubts and move forward.

How to Start Your Own Small Group

Step 1: Identify Your Purpose

What kind of small group do you want to create? Will it be a women’s group? Maybe a group exclusively for college students? My church hosts a men’s small group where guys get together and play sports, then do a Bible study afterward.

Whatever you choose, make sure you have a focus. This will make it easier to invite people and ensure that you all have something in common.

Step 2: Figure Out What You Want to Study

Once you’ve decided on the type of group you want to host, choose what you want to study as a group. Maybe you tackle the Bible chapter-by-chapter. You could also use a devotional or Bible study book for guidance. There are tons of options out there.

Here are a few Bible studies for small groups:

Step 3: Invite People (Even if They Aren’t Christian)

I wasn’t a Christian when I started going to my first small group. I didn’t become a Christian for a few months into it, actually. But, having a supportive group of women who were willing to be open and honest had a huge impact on me.

If you’re feeling stumped about who to invite, pray about it. Seek out anyone who is on your heart and reach out to them.

As you start inviting people, ask when they would be available to meet. After that, you can decide on a date and meeting place that works for everyone. I’ve always enjoyed going to people’s homes. It encourages that sense of a safe-space.

Bonus Tip: Get snacks. People are always more likely to show up if Cheetos are involved.

Final Thoughts

I am so excited for you. Starting a small group is an incredible, life-giving opportunity! You are going to change lives and open up so many doors for the people around you.

Your friend,


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