I’ve always loved to take care of things.

Whether it’s my boyfriend, Adam, or my first houseplant, Penelope, I’ve always enjoyed giving God’s creatures a little TLC.

I deeply value human connection and believe that we were created for companionship. But, I also know that sometimes interacting with other people is difficult, and you may not have a support network where you can share your challenges or get proper guidance. I created Hey, Alana! with a specific goal in mind: to provide a space where I can support and encourage you in all of life’s seasons.

You might be thinking, “Um… you’re just a confused twenty-something like me. What advice could you possibly give?” Well, there’s no arguing that I am a bewildered 22-year-old. However, my mission is to provide advice based on what I’ve discovered to help you navigate this weird and beautiful mess that is life.

We’re In this Together!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to spend a little time here. I invite you to get cozy, explore the website, and embark on this beautiful journey with me.

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